There is a lot more to holidays than finding your perfect holiday destination. There are other issues such as accommodation, travel arrangement, city breaks and most importantly the financial side of the entire holiday. Most of the people come back from their vacations complaining that their holiday was too expensive or the accommodation was below standard. So, what will be the perfect holiday? It will surely be the one in which you can get the most value for your money.

Cheap holiday deals are not an unknown phenomena. You can get things cheap if you do a little planning yourself, and that too well before the holiday time. You need to plan your holiday destination, the number of days you will spend there, your priorities i.e. food, clubbing etc.

One of the most expensive arrangements is the travel arrangement. Traveling by air takes up a major chunk of your holiday budget. The best thing you could do is to fly in the slow season such as before or after the Christmas or school holidays. At that point in time, airlines need to fill their planes and often give big discounts on tickets. Another idea is not to travel during the best season. Plan a trip to Europe after August; this will come super cheap, as it is not holiday season in Europe. So everything from food to accommodation will be cheaper.

Another tip is to book for those places, that are yet unexplored by most of us. Such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Spain, Mauritius etc. These places are exotic holiday destinations but are not very popular amongst people. They have the entire required infrastructure necessary for a good holiday. And the best part is, your dollar will buy more in these countries because of the currency differences, so at the end you will be at an advantage.

There are two ways to get huge discounts, either book really early or book very late. If you book early, you will get discounts, because no one has yet started planning for the vacations, and it’s really not the booking season. On the other hand, if you book really late, even then you can get discounted rates as airlines, hotels have to fill up any empty slots that they have. So both ways it can be beneficial. However, make sure that it is not too late otherwise you might have a problem, and you may have to compromise on preferred dates, choice of hotels, airline seats etc. Also keep in mind, that the longer the holiday the more the discounts. You can get a fortnight holiday for the same price as a 4 days holiday. So plan well in advance.

Whether you book through a tour operator or by yourself, keep in mind these tips. There are a number of online tour operators that could provide you with the best deals within your budget. The idea is to explore all the ways possible before getting a cheap holiday deal.