Tenerife is the largest island among the Canary Islands, and has been a favorite holiday resort since the early 1950s. Hundreds of thousands of people flock annually to Tenerife during the holiday season. The south of Tenerife has been a favorite holiday resort, and only recently the northern parts of the island have started being developed for holidaymakers.

With the world slowly recovering from the global financial crunch, fewer people are going away from their homes on holidays. There are plenty of opportunities of taking a cheap holiday in Tenerife. The economy of Tenerife is vastly dependent on tourism, and a drop in tourism has greatly affected the economy of this beautiful holiday resort.

Because of the financial crunch airlines, hotels, and tour operators are offering cheap holidays in Tenerife. In fact, now is perhaps one of the best times to take a cheap holiday in Tenerife.

There is a certain charm about holidaying in Tenerife, and people who have spent one vacation over there, have generally come back again. To get a cheap holiday in Tenerife is quite easy thanks to the internet. You don’t have to call up tour and holiday operators to try and find a real holiday bargain for Tenerife.

All what you need to do is a search for ‘cheap holiday Tenerife’, and you will see thousands of websites offering discounts and bargain holiday packages. Even some of the well known tour operators are offering cheap holiday packages for Tenerife. After all more than two-third of the population of Tenerife depends on tourism for their livelihood, and they are ready to drop their prices to make ends meet.

Of course, the best way to get a cheap holiday in Tenerife is by making a booking in the off season. By doing this, you will get the best bargains available. A second option is to travel as a group, as all holiday and tour operators offer group discounts. Cheap holidays do not necessarily translate into getting the worst accommodation at a holiday resort. You may not get the luxurious accommodation, or first class travel, but what you will get is a reasonably good accommodation, and you will be flying in economy.

You can get a good bargain on a holiday in Tenerife, and you may be quite happy about getting a cheap holiday package, but what you must remember is that there are quite a few other expenses associated with a holiday in Tenerife. These can be wining and dining, hiring a boat, and visiting a water park or an amusement park. You may browse around the shops in Tenerife and you will definitely pick up some mementos.

Nevertheless you would have to bear these expenses even if you took a regular holiday. Therefore, if you can save some money on travel and accommodation, that would be a very big plus point. Tenerife is such a popular resort that you can find a lot of information about it on the internet. Once you go on a cheap holiday to Tenerife, you will yearn to pay it a visit again.