As people wrongly think, Crete is more than just a Greek island. Being the home of the earliest western civilization, Crete has many of the features to boast proudly. For example, the great Minoan cities of Knossos and Phaestos and with them, some small but beautiful ancient ruins. When you step into Crete, you must know that you have a lot to see on the island. However, if you plan your holiday properly, you will be happy to see a great amount of money saved in your pocket at the end of your trip.

Firstly, make an early decision to book your flight. For example, if you are going to enjoy the Cretan Easter which is celebrated somewhere around April, try booking your flight one or two months prior to your visit to Crete.

When you reach Crete, you might be tempted to rent one of those attractive houses which are on the strip of beach of Megala Chorafia. However, you should rent it only if you are staying in Crete for a month or so. Otherwise, it is a good idea to stay in a hotel which is offering special discount packages. Some of the cheapest hotels near Crete are Hotel REA, Prince of Lilles Hotel, Candia Park Village, Hotel Georgia, Mirabello Hotel, Apollon Hotel and Axos Hotel. Those who have visited Crete also mention that it is not a bad idea to check into a 3 star hotel, like Brascos Hotel or Elounda Residence which offers rooms for as low as $45-$50 per day.

There are a total of 397 restaurants in Crete. However, you need to find those restaurants which offer you the best food at the cheapest prices. When this is the case, you should definitely try out Ferryman Taverna, Lotus Eaters, Olondi Restaurant, Porto Rino, Eva Taverna, Miakoda Bar Restaurant and Gallery, Korali Restaurant, and Tamam. It is advised to get a map of Crete as soon as you reach Crete, so that searching for these restaurants will be easy for you.

Since Crete is itself an island with many beaches and you are a tourist looking for the best in the least money spent on travel fares and toll tickets, you should be selective about beaches. Keep your eyes on Georgiou polis and Falasarna beaches since these are considered to be the best beaches in Crete. Also, the best nature spots in Crete are the Gorge of Samaria, the White Mountains, Omalos plateau, Anopolis plateau, Imbros Gorge, Amari Valley and the best, Kourna Lake.

So now, you have compiled a selective list of hotels, restaurants, beaches and hot spots that you know should definitely be visited by you. You can do the relevant homework for all of the above mentioned places so that once you land in Crete; you know where you should head to and what the budget that your pocket is allowing you. So what are you waiting for? Make the waves of your cheap holidays to Crete!