There are a total of 11 islands which comprise to make up Canary Islands. Out of them, six are small and seven are large. These islands nestle off the coast of North-West Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, and Tenerife is registered as the largest and the most populated of these islands. The island embraces approximately 5 million tourists per year and hence makes it as one of the most popular destinations.

When you want to visit Tenerife for a cheap holiday, you should avoid making a visit in February. This is because the annual carnival is held in this particular month in Tenerife. Even though missing the annual carnival seems to be an extremely weird idea, but you should know that during the peak season many people are visiting Tenerife and this month is considered the month with highest tourist count. There is a rapid increase in hotel, shopping and dining charges as the natives start taking advantage of the peak season. So, it is best to avoid a February visit.

When it comes to searching for cheap holidays, one of the biggest budget eaters is accommodation. So you need to search for an accommodation in Tenerife, which offers you the best and cheapest deals. The hotels such as Rural “Residencia San Pedro”, Casa Rural La Ganania, El Patio de Tita, Florasol Hotel Tenerife, Casa Las Flores Hotel, Hotel Carel Hotel and Casa Las Charnecas, are considered to be those hotels which are known to offer the cheapest deals in Tenerife. In order to save your food costs, you can ask these hotels for a package that gives you dining and accommodation options in simple and easy packages.

When on a cheap holiday to Tenerife, you might want to be on a holiday which offers you to less travel (hence saving the transport costs), offers a decent accommodation and lets you enjoy a beach holiday also. In this case, there are two hotels that offer you all these packages. The first hotel is Hotel Guayarmina Princess, and if you want to a add golf package in it too, then go for Vincci Tenerife Golf hotel. These hotels are characteristically located at the beach side, and offer you an additional advantage of saving your travel costs by staying, dining, and enjoying the beach all at one single location.

Your cheap holiday in Tenerife also demands you look out for cheap restaurants. ‘Plaza La Constitucioun’ is a cheap dining place which gives you breath taking town views of the Tenerife coast. You can also enjoy La Cosina de Dona Rosa or La Cayaya, as they are the cheapest restaurants in Tenerife and offer you a wide range of menu dishes.

You may also want to know about the cheap flights that are operating to Tenerife, so you must be aware that FlyThomasCook, British Airways and Monarch Airways offer very cheap travel packages to Tenerife. However, the best advice will obviously be provided to you by your travel agent.