The Great Barrier Reef is undoubtedly the most famous destination of a Queensland holiday, but it’s not the only thing which is worth seeing. You can encounter wildlife on land or in the sea. Talking about wild, some people here just love their extreme sports. It’s a great location for a tropical holiday with friends and family.

Bungee jumping a mind boggling extreme sport, a great experience to have but don’t forget to meet all of your health concerns and age criteria. It has gained popularity in Australia, and that is the reason why many people associate it with main Australia. Jump like a pirate from a towered plank. Fly like a bird, without straps attached, though not while bungee jumping, but with parachute jumping. What a big rush of adrenaline! It is all crazy, but it is worth it.

Breathe in the pure air while having a great look of place high above the ground from a helicopter trip over the area. Want to have a jungle experience? Drop by into a remote rain forest area. You might catch a glimpse of Saratoga, Barramundi or even crocodiles. Then there are the reefs and pure sky blue sea water. So transparent that it shows the corals under water. The world has come to love them, even those who live thousands of miles away. Authorities of tourism will get you close to the reefs, from where you can explore the under water world and respect its beauty.

Take a snorkeling tour as apart of your package. Dive with a party of like-minded aquatic adventurers. Everyone can gain access in or on the sea. Accommodation combined with diving provides one popular package, though visitors can dive separately, even at night. Or you can try one of the Cairns Rivers for white water rafting. Gentle rapids are great for families and the nervous, but for a wilder ride, book a class 4 ride after the start of spring run off. Then you will really know you had an experience to write home about. All tours are run by highly trained operators with your safety in mind. Some packages offer the chance to jump from cliffs or swim in the current, but only when this is deemed safe.

Everyone will have a different adventure and experience as they indulge in all this beauty and history. Various holiday deals are available online and through travel agents. If you want a wonderful break and are from big cities working in very busy places, this is ideal for you. If you have a pictured a tropical paradise in the mind, then Queensland will definitely fulfill your interest.

In Australia, the Queensland district has remarkable landscape and breathtaking green plant material. In particular the Tropical North Queensland vicinity gives all the adventure of moving around the environment, which is comforting, while at the same time discovering the incredible outdoors. There are so many attractions for families. Book your Queensland package today for a great experience.